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Ecologic yet stylish. Simple yet strong.

At THE WILD LAB we work to maintain a culture that is an authentic representation of our values and our vision for the world in which we want to live.  It’s really a matter of caring. We truly care about the integrity of the products we serve and sell. We care about our community, and the preservation of our environment. We care about all those things, but most of all about serving and providing our customers with a truly unforgettable experience.



Everybody Agrees is a sustainable shop for men and women. We care how we look and the image we give to the world. But we also care deeply about this world we live in, so our true passion is conscious fashion.

Our entire collection is ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE and 80% is VEGAN. Most of the brands produce in Europe or are fair trade, with a desire for transparency and respect for the planet

and the human.

Our goal is to promote a conscious lifestyle in a slow world: slow fashion, slow lifestyle, slow food.


WILDFOOD is all about offering food that makes your life better inside-out. We load up on Superfoods daily to get a nourishing boost, to kick start your metabolism, to give you energy.

We serve fast meal options for the people of our community while striving to minimize our earthly impact and promoting a more conscious way of living. We are specializing in breakfast, lunch and brunch such as smoothie bowls (from which Acai is one of our favorites), hot porridges, toasties and much more.

We provide healthy, innovative, wholesome dishes packed full of goodness.

We believe that everything we serve has to be good for you and for the planet. It’s all about eating real food.