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Having developed a passion for nutritious and quality food, we’ve combined our affinity for living an active healthy lifestyle and our understanding of the environmental impact of our food choices. 

WILDFOOD is all about offering food that makes your life better inside-out.

We load up on Superfoods daily to get a nourishing boost, to kick start your metabolism, to give you energy. We serve fast meal options for the people of our community while striving to minimize our earthly impact and promoting a more conscious way of living.


Local farmers from the country provide us with fresh fruit & veggies. Our menu is mainly composed of vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free and completely refined sugar free food. And is also mostly organic or at least thoughtfully sourced. Often from a small farm or producer that is not certified.  


We believe that everything we serve has to be good for you and for the planet. It’s all about eating real food. 

We use lots of superfoods, from which Acai is one of our favorites. Acai, which is a delicious purple tropical wonder berry from the Amazon, has always been appreciated for its nutritional value. It started to gain popularity worldwide thanks to its amazing amount of antioxidants and nutrients and is nowadays considered to be one of the most powerful and nutritious super foods on the planet.

Things you should know about Acai: great source of protein, increases metabolism, high in anti-oxidants, provides energy, boosts immunity, naturally low in sugar.

Whether you’re looking to fuel up post workout or just grab a quick pick-me-up snack. 

Acai is the way to go. 


We try to reduce plastic as much as possible !! All our take away recipients are environmental friendly. They are made of renewable resources which are biodegradable. We use bamboo straws and all our bowls & smoothie bowls are served in a coconut shells. Coconut bowls are 100% hand made from natural coconuts. By choosing to eat out of a Coconut bowl you are helping the environment by contributing to zero waste consumption and using recycled products of nature. Coconut bowls are a little piece of tropical paradise that you can bring to your kitchen.

Our goal is to contribute to society which focuses on plant based alternatives.


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